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6 Bus Conversion Ideas to Give You Skoolie Inspiration


The use of school buses for living and working has evolved throughout this rising trend of converting vehicles into innovative and interesting backyard spaces. No longer used for holding elementary school students, school buses are now becoming repurposed for all sorts of purposes. Whether you want to live, work, or do both out of your vehicle, here are six bus conversion ideas to inspire your next design.

What Does Skoolie mean?

Skoolies are converted school buses that have been converted into homes, exemplifying the best of upcycling. Upcycling is the method of changing something that can no longer be used for its original purpose into something else. When renovated, it resembles a cross between an RV and a tiny house on wheels.

I think a school bus conversion would be a really great idea for a family vacation vehicle. Check out this blog post for some great ideas!

The Six Ideas for Bus Conversion 

Build a school bus into a camper shell

Summer is coming, and it’s never too early to begin planning for it. Do you have a great new camper that you’re itching to take on the road? Then consider turning it into a school bus. You can use the same shell, or you can use a different one. Either way, the idea remains the same: turn that camper shell into a school bus.

Convert a school bus into a motorhome

When faced with the decision to downsize to a motorhome, most people assume it’s either impossible or requires relocating to a trailer park. However, the leaders in recreational vehicles have unlocked the secrets to converting a school bus into a motorhome.

Build a school bus into a tiny house

This school bus conversion is the perfect opportunity to give you a tiny space of your own, taking into account all of the little screens and detail that makes your life comfortable. For those who like to sleep in their own bed, you’ll especially enjoy this property, which manages to offer a little more space and luxury than the typical tiny home.

Convert a bus into a camper van

This can help save you money and allow you to travel to many exciting locations. To get exactly what you want, you will need to plan it out carefully. When you plan to convert a bus into a camper van, you will need to find out what type of vehicle you have and what kind of camper van you want.

Convert a bus into a camper trailer

If you’re tight on cash or buying a new one is out of the question, then converting a bus into a camper trailer may be what you’ve been waiting for. The process is by no means easy, but converting a bus into a camper trailer is both doable and more affordable than you might expect.

Convert a bus into a mobile office

Sometimes life offers us one opportunity too many to be cooped up in cubicles—or homes without dogs. If you’re partial to the great outdoors but won’t sacrifice your creature comforts, a solution could be right under your nose: turn a bus into a mobile office. Bus conversions are a unique example in the repurposed space niche, and the satisfaction of completing one could be the reward you need for a job well done.

How Much Does It Take to Make a Skoolie?

Skoolie conversion vans have become increasingly popular in recent years. A skoolie is essentially a converted bus or truck that has been converted into an RV, camper, or caravan. They have popped up as popular day-trip and camping trip vehicles, and they’ve also become a popular choice for full-time living and traveling.

A van conversion kit is a simple, affordable way to turn a standard cargo van into a home on wheels. Skoolie conversion kits are versatile and can be built to meet the needs and budgets of a variety of people. Some people just want to live off-grid for a while. Others want a van that is easier to handle or one that can provide more space for growing families. Regardless of the type of van conversion kit you choose, there are a lot of things to take into consideration before beginning the project.

In the world of increasingly changing transportation, school bus-style commuter buses are making a comeback. These school bus conversions bring the outside in and can be used indoors or outdoors. If you work at home, have kids, or want an easy and environmentally friendly way to get around, a Skoolie conversion might be for you. They used to have a stigma, but Skoolie conversions are making a comeback. In some cases, they’re looking better than ever before.

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