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Benefits of Traveling in Your 20s

Traveling in your 20s is an entirely different experience than when you were in your teens or in your early 20s. As you get older, you usually start slowing down a little bit, and you start doing things that may have been put off in your earlier years. One of my very best friends is moving across the country, and he asked me to help her decide where she wanted to live, where she wanted to go to school, and what she wanted to do in the future. I decided to help her (with a bit of my own advice thrown in), and I wanted to share some of the things I learned while I was helping her with this decision.

The twenty-something generation has a plethora of benefits to enjoy. With greater independence than your predecessors, you’ve got more money and time to spend on life. Traveling in your 20s and 30s is a wise investment in your future. From building your resume to seeing new places, travel is an education most definitely worth investing in.

Traveling in your twenties is an amazing experience and something everyone should have the chance to do, regardless of their age. The 20s are a great time to travel, and here are some benefits why:

  1. You Have a Lot of Time on Your Hands. The 20s is a time when most of us are just starting out: finding our place in the world, buying our first home, and starting a family. But it’s also a time when most people have plenty of time on their hands. Since most of us are young, we make this the perfect time to travel.
  2. No Kids to Care About. Many view life as something to be enjoyed while you have it. So, why wait until you’re no longer in your twenties and thirties before traveling? If you’re still young, the benefits of traveling outweigh not having responsibilities.
  3. Lots to Learn. Lifelong learning and adventure may be the best parts of being in your 20s. Take the chance we now have to explore the world, meet new people, and try new things.
  4. A More Flexible Schedule. The flexibility and freedom to travel come along with the perks of earning higher wages, not having children, and starting your own career. Work-life balance is a reality with the flexibility that comes along with traveling.
  5. A Rewarding Experience. Traveling is one of the most exciting and most rewarding things a person can do in their 20s. Not only is traveling free (unless you fall in love with tourism), but it can also open your eyes to the world outside of your own bubble, allowing you to meet people from other cultures, learn languages, and gain a new perspective. Traveling also provides an opportunity for self-pleasure, allowing you to engage in activities that you might not have the chance to do at home, such as reading erotica or watching adult videos (on sites like Sex Movr) in order to explore your own sexuality.
  6. You Have Little Commitments. Traveling in your 20s is much easier than when you’re older. You have little commitments (like a kid or a career) that keep you tied to one place. You’re likely following your passions and doing work that you’re passionate about at this point in your life. That’s probably why you started traveling in your 20s in the first place.
  7. You Can Also Be a First Time Travel Blogger. But traveling in your 20s can also be incredibly scary since you are and will likely remain fairly young and are away from familiar people and places. But travel is also about being brave, taking chances, and stepping out of your comfort zone, and those are the adventures you most want.
  8. You Learn How to Budget. Traveling in your 20s means learning how to budget your money. You are also learning how to save, which is an important life skill. You learn to budget better because you need to pay more when you have less disposable income.
  9. You Can Discover New Places. The benefits of traveling in your 20s go beyond the opportunity to see new cities and countries-there are many other perks as well. Traveling solo in your 20s is liberating. You don’t worry about fitting in with other people or that you’re not doing something “cool.” Traveling by yourself lets you take each day as it comes, so you can really explore at your own pace. There are no schedules to stick to or places you have to be at, so you’re free to explore.
  10. You Have Good Will. As you age, you will inevitably start to appreciate some things more than others. As you enter the 20s, you’ll likely find that having a job and a steady income is pretty high on the list, as managing your money and paying off student loans becomes a priority. Some also notice that health becomes less and less of a priority since your health doesn’t seem as important when you have better things to worry about, such as being able to afford rent.

Travelers of any age will agree that traveling in your twenties is a special experience. The freedom of the open road, the thrills of a spontaneous adventure, and the loneliness of isolation are all experiences that only come with traveling in your twenties. While there are many benefits to traveling in your twenties, there are also a few drawbacks. For those reasons, it is important to plan your trip wisely.

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