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The Best Vacation Spots in the World


Do you like exciting destinations, bustling cities, slow-paced cafes and museums? Do you like people who are down-to-earth and ready to share information on the best hotels and the “must-see” attractions? Do you want to spend time in a warm, friendly, and cultural country – one that still has that “je ne sais quoi?”. Or do you just want to sit on the deck and do absolutely nothing?

There are hundreds of cruise destinations in the world. How do you choose your favorite?

There are hundreds of destinations in the world. You can cruise the Caribbean, sail to Alaska, spend a week on the Mediterranean, cruise the Panama Canal in a replica of the Panama Canal, or take a trip to Everest Base Camp in Nepal. Cruise the Mexican Caribbean islands and ship yourself to Jamaica. You can also take a tour of Alaska – the wonders of it are without doubt the best way to view the wildlife there.

Perhaps you’d like to spend your vacation in Hawaii. There are island resorts to suit all budgets, and you can even take a cruise to ride through the beautiful waters between the islands. You can also visit Hawaii in the summer and participate in the island’s famous festivals.

One of the best vacation spots in the world is Cape Town, South Africa. Here, you can enjoy a coffee plantation with visits to Robben Island and Nelson Mandela’s graves. Mandela’s grave is quite striking. The lamps and flowers are poised to blow away with the right wind. There are some who say that Mandela slept in this mountain of flowers. Some even say that his casket is buried here.

Another great destination to visit is Pattaya. This city offers the best shopping opportunities in South Africa. If you are looking for the ultimate Bahamian experience, you can do nothing but visit this place. crabs are on the menu here, and there is mahi rangoon, fried fish, curry, and more. Whether you want to spend all your money or save it, you can do either.

Some people say they don’t go to places like this anymore because they’re too expensive. It’s true – these places are very expensive. But for the right person, they are worth it. You have to compare it to what you get and weigh it against the cost. It’s tough to say if you got “the best deal” or the “best room”, but you can say that this award – or better yet, this person – has helped you make up your mind. Thousands of people have vacationed at these hotels and spent their money – and come away completely enthused and impressed.

vacation trips don’t have to be expensive if you know the right people to ask. It’s important to do your homework and find out exactly what kind of vacation you really want. Once you figure out what you like, call and ask these questions. Tell the folks at the hotel what you like, and what you would pay. Let them give you the goods on whatever vacations you requested. If you need specific restaurants, let them know. Ask for fishing guides, or show preferences for certain shows. Better yet, go to the place and just have them give you the goods on which you’ve reconstructed your own vacation.

vacation trip planning is a lot like buying a used car from a wreck diving company – you really should venture out to make sure that you are getting the best bargain possible. If you can, go four to five years out of the year to get the most bang for your buck. Use your common sense and good judgment. Take the time to do things properly. Along the way, you will make wonderful bargains that will thrill you and make your vacation truly memorable.

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